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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Slow Login Time On Your Mac? Ditch the Cache!

In my previous post, I described a problem with iMovie. As part of the resolution, I trashed the Cache folder. I was amazed at how much faster the Mac logged in. Previously, it had taken up to 10 seconds or so to be useful from the Login screen - with the spinning colour wheel of doom furiously spinning away...

Well no more!

In speaking to Apple Support, the guy on the phone said he regularly trashes the Cache as all sorts of flotsam and jetsam builds up in it. Ironic when it is supposed to help speed things up!

After deleting mine the desktop arrived and was useful in about a second!

Much more acceptable for a latest generation iMac!!

My advice - if things are running a little slow - trash the Cache and see if it makes a difference...

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