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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Google Chrome on iOS

What a great day today is. A momentous day. One I shall long remember... OK, perhaps that is a bit over the top, but I am very excited that whilst surfing the iTunes Store for the Blogger app (being used right now to type this on!) I came across Chrome that became available a few days ago.

So what's it like? Magic.

If you like Chrome on your desktop you will never go back to rotten old Safari again.

You get a similar look and feel to the desktop version. There's the tabs, the type in address box to search and the ability to sync your bookmarks and open tabs between your different Chrome sessions on different devices.

In addition there are some cool bits. First is the ability to swipe between tabs. When you do it, you wonder why nobody has thought of this before in the Safari team. Then there is the speak to search. Siri eat your heart put, understood me every time so far. Then there is the menu on the side that gives you the option to go Incognito ( like on the desktop where cookies aren't tracked) and the option to force the site to load the desktop version if the mobile one is too restrictive.

Both iPad and iPhone versions work well.

Sure, it's just a web browser. But for me it is the benchmark browser and thankfully it is now on iOS

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